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I wanted Something Elegant and Unique

"Initially, I was completely exasperated by wedding dress shopping. I have always known I wouldn’t wear a strapless dress, but in each and every shop I was shown rail after rail of just that. There were a lot of tears, and oddly, I still didn’t feel sure of what I did want to wear.

But when I came to Julie with a few images of dresses, she also added her own suggestions. Together we chose a dress to base the design on and then added and subtracted details from there that would suit my shape. I was especially pleased with the neckline as I wanted something elegant and unique. And the fishtail shape, with incredible pleated detail, was like nothing I’d seen in any bridal shop. By the time the dress was almost finished, it had evolved into something more beautiful and more delicate than I could have ever imagined.

I don’t much like being the centre of attention, but on my wedding day, everyone wanted to look at my dress, touch it, talk about it. For once, this attention was welcome as I felt so wonderful in a gorgeous gown that had been made especially for me. Perhaps the best compliment though was from my husband, who I have never, ever seen cry. He said that, on seeing me walk down the aisle in my dress, he was teary eyed and as close to crying as humanly possible!

If you are considering having a dress made for your wedding, I cannot recommend Julie enough. She is amazingly talented and easy to work with. It was an absolute pleasure wearing her design and I only wish there were more occasions where I could wear the dress again and again".

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