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My bridesmaid’s package was created to equally benefit good design and made-to-measure fit.
I have a variety of basic design silhouettes reflecting current trends which I draft patterns from.

If all your adult bridesmaids are having the same standard design, for example Belinda’s or Jane’s bridesmaids, the making price (excluding fabric) can start from £150 for each dress. Younger bridesmaids are quoted on an individual basis. Prices can increase up to £250 if the design you request is unusual or if the bridesmaids choose to have different styles.

I may have to quote higher if your design is bespoke or if a bridesmaid is unable to come to the usual 2-3 fittings because she lives a distance away, which can often mean that crucial fit work has to be completed in a shorter timescale.

Appointments can be made for after working hours or at weekends in advance.

Bridesmaid’s projects are usually confirmed six months in advance but I can often accommodate a shorter timescale.

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